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The Institute of History was founded on May 21, 1947, as one of the first scientific institutes of the Serbian Academy of Sciences, with the aim to explore economic, social, scholarly and cultural history of the Serbian people, as well as their relations with South Slavs and other Balkan nations, and at the same time to improve and develop all branches of historical science. Institute for collecting of sources 1908-1918, founded by professor Stanoje Stanojević in 1922, represented the precursor of the Institute of History.


Viktor Novak was named the first director of the Institute, with Georgije Ostrogorski as his deputy. Until 1961, the Institute was a unit of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, and afterwards became a separate institution by the decision of the Serbian Government.


The Department of Byzantine Studies existed until 1948, and  the creation of the Institute of Byzantine Studies as an independent institution. The Department of Antiquities was transferred to the Archaeological Institute in 1952. When the Institute of Contemporary History and the Institute of the History of the Workers' Movement were founded - the Department of the Study of the National Liberation Movement was no longer needed. While the Department of the Auxiliary Historical Sciences was attached to the Department of Medieval Studies. The field of interest of the Institute of History was thus chronologically restricted to the period ranging from the Middle Ages, to the beginning of the 20th century, more precisely, to the year of 1918 and the creation of Yugoslavia.


Directors of the Institute were: academician Viktor Novak (1947 - 1953), Ilija Sindik (1954 - 1958), academician Mita Kostić (1958 - 1961), academician Jorjo Tadić (1961 - 1969), Relja Novaković (1970 - 1973), Danica Milić (1973 - 1987), Slavenko Terzić (1987 - 2002), Tibor Živković (2002 - 2010) and Srđan Rudić (2010 - ).


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