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The Library of the Institute of History is open for scholarly use only. Its aim is to collect, process, store and make available library materials as well as the information and data relevant to history and other related sciences.





Full collection of the Library comprises up to 40.000 books and nearly 450 titles of domestic and approximately 270 of foreign periodicals.


The Library was founded with the aim to represent a well-equipped reference library and was part of the Institute since its beginnings. Shortly after its creation it counted several thousands books due to the fact that it encompassed few large libraries: the entire rich collections of Stanoje Stanojević and Jovan Tomić, and later several others as well, including collections of Viljem Bukšeg, Mihajlo Ristić and Sava Kosanović. 


Given the fact that the Institute of History is research based upon the study of the history of the Serbs and their relations with South Slavs and other Balkan nations in the period ranging from the Early Middle Ages to the year of 1918, the publications from this field of study in almost all Modern European, as well as Ancient languages, make the main part of the Library Collection. The Library holds collections of old and rare books, as well as the collection of historical and geographical maps. A considerable collection of reference books (dictionaries, lexicons, encyclopedias, bibliographies) is also to be found in its possession. The library collections are continually being enlarged through the exchange of publications effectuated with 54 domestic and 64 foreign institutions.



Library personel


Slavica Merenik, Chief librarian, historian

Milica Jovančićević, library assistant, historian



Library is open on working days from 9.00 to 15.00 hours.